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A collection of compositions & free improvisations recorded live at the Moon Room in March - June of 2013.


released August 4, 2013

Performed by:

Ian Ayers - Guitar, Vocals, Drums & Percussion
Charlie Porter - Bass, Prepared Guitar
Warren Fenzi - Drums
Mike Kerr - Harmonium

All artwork, mixing & mastering by Charlie Porter

Luminary written by Charlie Porter, Poem by Vladimir Mayakovski
L'Ascension written by Ian Ayers

Dedicated to the Son.



all rights reserved


Hands ! Boston, Massachusetts

Hands ! is a free improv duo & collective

We are

Ian Ayers
Charlie Porter

The Collective, Our Friends

Eric Kenseth
Warren Fenzi
Roland Greco
Matt Muirhead
Tom Zmuda
Mike Kerr
Kristin Rock
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Track Name: Luminary
“Well, sit down then,
The devil had prompted my insolence
to shout at him,
I sat on the edge of a bench;
I was afraid of worse!
But, from the sun, a strange radiance
and forgetting
all formalities,
I sat chatting
with the luminary more freely.
Of this
and that I talked,
and of how I was swallowed up by Rosta,
but the sun, he says:
All right,
don’t worry,
look at things more simply!
And do you think
I find it easy
to shine?
Just try it, if you will!—
You move along,
since move you must;
you move—and shine your eyes out!”
We gossiped thus till dark—
Till former night, I mean.
For what darkness was there here?
We warmed up
to each other
and very soon,
openly displaying friendship,
I slapped him on the back.
The sun responded!
“You and I,
my comrade, are quite a pair!
Let’s go, my poet,
let’s dawn
and sing
in a gray tattered world.
I shall pour forth my sun,
and you—your own,
in verse.”
A wall of shadows,
a jail of nights
fell under the double-barreled suns.
A commotion of verse and light—
shine all your worth!
Drowsy and dull,
one tired,
wanting to stretch out
for the night.
shone in all my might,
and morning ran its round.
Always to shine,
to shine everywhere,
to the very deeps of the last days,
to shine—
and to hell with everything else!
That is my motto—
and the sun’s!

- Vladimir Mayakovsky